Cotton Project is a 100% peruvian company established in Lima in the year 2000. We manufacture and export fine garments made of high quality knitted fabrics. Over the years, we have expanded our activities and we now offer the full package to our clients, with a variety of qualities, finishes and designs.


Creation, retention and fair distribution of value through the development and manufacture of high quality clothing made mainly with peruvian cotton for a macro-segment in the mid-high and high level market.


To obtain and maintain a leadership position differentiating ourselves from our competitors in the industry, through constant innovation and product development.


Cotton Project is a company recognized as one of the most important exporting companies in Peru, not only for the quality of our products and the high level of our clients, but also for the seriousness, the fulfillment of our commitments and for having achieved high standards in our operations.

In 2014 our Managing Director, Engineer Ramón Véliz, was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award. In 2015, he was appointed Director of the Lima Chamber of Commerce and later he created the Clothing Guild within this organization.

The prestige of the company has been highlighted internationally in several specialized publications both in France and the United States.