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We have a solid Product Development department which not only takes care of the development of patterns, prototype garments, sales samples, prints, etc.; but also actively participates in the design stage by suggesting models, printing and embroidery techniques, new fabrics and new materials; as well as some changes that may eventually give higher added value to the product.

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We have modern german circular knitting machines (Mayer brand) that allow us quickly manufacture jersey, pique, french terry, fleece fabrics and ribs.

Thanks to a variety of interchangeable cylinders in gauges 20, 24, 28 and 32, we can knit fabrics from the thickest to the thinnest yarn counts and to manufacture the most convenient and productive widths, reducing costs and unnecessary waste.

We also have new flat knitting machines capable to knit collars and cuffs in almost any shape, size and design.

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We have established strategic alliances with two of the best dyeing houses in Lima, with whom we have worked for several years. Together, we have developed special finishes that have been approved by our main european customers.

Our allies have modern dyeing machines of different sizes, which allow us to offer very reasonable minimum quantities per color, as well as the production of sales samples. We are also able to offer stripped garments in fascinating designs because of the possibility of dyeing yarns in different counts and quantities.

After dyeing, our fabrics can have different finishes at the customer’s choice and can be compacted, resinated, sueded, brushed or washed.

It should be noted that all dyes and finishes we offer comply not only with the most demanding quality parameters, but also with all european, american and chinese requirements and standards on toxicological products and forbidden substances.

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We have a cutting and sewing capacity of 100,000 garments per month. This is possible because we work with the most prestigious brands of machines (such as Yuki, Brother, etc.) and our personnel is highly qualified and trained in different types of garments.

All cut pieces are inspected and 100% of the garments undergo an exhaustive quality control before going through the steaming and packaging process.

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We have state-of-the-art automatic printing machines with which we can develop practically all printing techniques such as flock, foil, 3D, glitter, shimmer, water based, plastisol, discharge, burn out, rock base, fluorine, etc.

Recently, we incorporated a digital fabric printing machine, which gives us the possibility to offer our customers an infinite chromatic variety with the possibility of making quantities that would be impossible to make in traditional printing systems such as silkscreen printing.

In addition to digital printing, we have automatic screen printing machines and manual station screen printing presses for sample development.

We also have spanish single-head embroidery machines, which gives us more versatility, giving our customers more added value and a distinctive fashion touch to their garments.

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Our quality control is exhaustive in all processes and activities of the company. Our control begins with the audit of all materials purchased for production (cotton yarn, trims, complementary fabrics, etc.). Raw fabrics are inspected and qualified before they are delivered for dyeing.

Our textile auditors work at our dyeing house suppliers ensuring the quality of the fabrics before they are delivered to our plant. Once the fabrics are cut, 100% of the pieces undergo quality control and are numbered and prepared in packages before being sent to sewing.

Once in sewing, production auditors carry out an in-line control to verify that the requirements indicated in the technical specifications and the prototypes are fulfilled.

When sewing is finished, 100% of the garments go through quality control before being finished and packed. Once the garments are packed, they undergo a final audit at random following the parameters of the military standard to ensure the quality of the product that will be exported.